Simon Barkworth  |  Nuno Direitinho  |  Eva Maria Gisler

A.P.T. Gallery - Thursday 10 December to Sunday 13 December 2015

Open Thursday to Sunday  |  12noon to 5pm

PV  |  Thursday 10 December  |  6 to 8pm

Conversation about the works with the artists and the public | Saturday 12 December | 6.30 to 7.30pm 


Cornerstone is a culmination of a shared space and common motivations. Structures and constructs are reoccurring elements, usually disconnected from their original sources, seen, treated and processed as individual or isolated independent entities. These can be understood as a cornerstone, a fundamental element, something to build on to. It is a starting and reference point from which to measure all following actions. These become pivoting elements for a translation of the multiple occurrences of a place. It enables us to set the first stone, landmarking future actions.Cornerstone